Our History

Codename TRx

Early 2013, Dr. David Dahl approached a Senior Design class at the University of Tennessee with an idea. He was an Anaesthesia Resident with a heart for Medical Missions, and he wanted a portable EMR designed for use on short term trips to provide care in the Third World. Four students jumped on the opportunity to work on the project, and soon built the first version of what they called TRx. While initially just a school project, it soon became clear that TRx could provide meaningful value to Medical Missions. After the semester was through, the group began reworking the application for real world use.

Team Haiti, 2014

TRx saw its first real world use on a trip to Haiti in February, 2014. There were many firsts on this trip: the first trip associated with Dr. Dahl’s nonprofit, the first of an annual trip from UT Medical Center, and the first real use of TRx. The trip was a success on all accounts, and TRx received a great deal of feedback and praise for its potential.


Seeing the potential and excitement around the project, the decision was made to build a nonprofit around the application and to continue its development. Basil is the result of that decision, and is currently in the process of becoming an official organization.

The Team

Mark Bellott

Mark is a recent Computer Science grad and is a freelance iOS developer.

Mischa Buckler

Mischa is an API and database wizard with a degree in Computer Engineering.

Willie Flaherty

Willie is an imposter.