An EMR on a mission.

Basil goes with you...

Basil is the simple EMR solution for medical missions to the Third World; it has already been to Haiti and wants to go further. Built around an iPad application, Basil is simple and approachable for everyone, from doctors to volunteers. With photo ID’s, bilingual questionnaires, and tools for physical exams, surgeries, and post-op instruction, Basil is the all-in-one solution for medical missions.

...and Basil comes home.

When Basil detects it is connected to the internet it will automatically sync up with our servers, guaranteeing your data will never be lost. The data will be saved for use on future trips; contributing to a better understanding of the health needs of a given area. This allows for collaboration between many different groups, with the ultimate goal of providing a greater impact on the welfare of a given area.

Basil is one, or many

Take one iPad, or many. Basil is designed to work off a local network to communicate across devices, but it can also hold its own on just one iPad. All you have to worry about is power, Basil handles the rest.

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